A Paradoxical Result of Studying Human Psyche: ORM

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A Paradoxical Result of Studying Human Psyche: ORM
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As simple as it is, to explain any person the definition of Online Reputation Management, as difficult as it is, to explain him the effects caused by the same! Online Reputation Management refers to a complete monitoring of any brand name’s reputation against its competitor’s.

Being an open platform, Internet proves to be a voice for everyone to reach others. It has been regularly used by companies to defame its competitor companies.

This defaming led to a need of Online Reputation Management. At its very initial phase, this platform was meant to be used by targeted firms, as a shield to protect their brand name.

Started by huge brand names like E-bay, Amazon, Alibaba and many more names, which we might not even come across; ORM has now become as common as Internet itself.

Rise of Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management was termed as a “Force” that drove Fortune 500 corporate’s public relations since the start of 21st century. In 2007, UCB came up with statistics, how many sellers on eBay.com were purposely doing reputation management.

Sellers from eBay used to sell their products on cheaper price than everyone else. In return, they used to ask for one thing and that was a positive review by the customer who purchased it! They did this by studying human psychology, they knew that if their reviews were good on the internet, no viewer is going to hesitate in choosing them.

With the growth of e-commerce, ORM burgeoned. In 2015, online retailer website, Amazon filed an official lawsuit against 1,114 people. These people used other people, who used to post good things about their products.

Of course, they did that to increase their brands rating online. Google is known to have supported ORM, by introducing a tool for ORM in 2011 that allowed firms to monitor and validate comments online.

Is ORM justified or not?

Being a platform that paved ways for companies that manage other company’s reputation, Online Reputation Management gave the message of equanimity by handing every firm an equal opportunity!

While some questions remain in front of everyone just as big as they were during ORM’s inception! Is ORM a boon for companies that were actually being defamed by their competitors? Or ORM is a bane for them?

Because by its birth, not only can they be defamed as they were in the past, but the companies defaming them can use ORM as a tool to protect their own reputation? For now, ORM can be termed as a boon for all those that are getting employed for protecting every firm that uses ORM, and a bane for those who are not! Between these boons and banes, the viewer is still in the dilemma of which company to shake hands with? It once again proves that a step taken by mankind towards its convenience has led towards a step towards its confusion!

However, whatever the statistics may suggest, ORM has found its place among businesses and is trolling with leap and bound.

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