Mugshot Enriched After The Birth of ORM

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Mugshot Enriched After The Birth of ORM
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Since the inception of ORM, people are trying to figure out ways by which ORM can be used and not! People in the industry have been using it in lots of areas of industry and experimenting with it.

There are two areas in which ORM is in talks because they concern “Ethics” of an individual. These areas are Mugshot and Astroturfing.

Those who get only one thing in mind when they hear mug i.e. coffee; here is something else which you should also keep in mind i.e. mug = someone’s face. With mug equaling to someone’s face, mugshot means a picture i.e. a shot of someone’s face.

To be a little more specific, mugshot industry is such an industry in which companies earn by posting a picture of a personnel arrested by law enforcement agencies.

Reputation Management comes in place, when a person wants to remove that picture from that company. maybe because his/her charges are over, maybe his case was going on and he wasn’t proved guilty for the same.

Laws changing the face of ORM

This industry got trending since 2013 when there were more than 60 websites that were publishing mugshots or law offenders. In 2014, it got the power booster which every industry requires i.e. help from the government. In 2014, there were laws enacted against and for the mugshot industry.

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Utah and Virginia has some or the other laws for and against the industry.

In similar year, and were asked to stop charging for erasing mugshots, by the district court in Toledo.

This was due to huge amount of people updating about how their photographs for minor charges against them were released by the firms and they were asked to pay hundreds of dollars for the same.

This is the exact reason why this industry has been linked to deal with a person’s “Ethics”.

Imagine a teacher in Florida named Laura arrested for driving under influence had to pay 50$ to for having her photograph removed from internet.


With lots of such controversies, mugshot still remains to be a part of States. Companies in the industry see no harm in doing what they are doing.

Government officials remain silent to comment over it because they haven’t come across such a scenario before.

But layman in lots of amount are frustrated to see themselves online with the set of criminals that are arrested for major crimes.

Publishers of mugshot websites say this is going to help spur tips to Crime Stoppers and help curb crime in the city.

Imagine yourself over the Internet for not driving up to the mark; accessible to anyone in the world.

When things are supposed to be implemented, they are meant to be brought into application in a specific fashion, else they produce many other outcomes which do not fulfill the ultimate outcome for which they were brought into implementation!

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