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In today’s digital economy, the importance of online presence and reputation cannot be overstated.

They inform prospective clients about the quality of your firm and your services, but what happens when something that isn’t quite accurate gets posted about your business?

Aside from the overall hit that your reputation would take, the implications of online reviews go beyond the reviews themselves.

Given the importance of these reviews, we are proud to offer services that remedy the malady of negative reviews and promote more positive content for your business.

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We recognize the importance of online reviews, and we have taken a step towards collecting reviews of our own.

We have joined Clutch, a leading platform for ratings and reviews of B2B service providers.

We are featured on their directory of the top affiliate marketing firms in the world, ranking third overall out of nearly 300 agencies.

The research we were subjected to was thorough, considering our marketing presence, previous work, and most importantly, our client reviews.

In our short time on this platform we have already received our first review.

We now have a perfect rating of five stars, and this client was kind enough to leave us feedback like this,

I was impressed with their responsiveness. They seemed genuinely interested in getting the matter resolved quickly.”

We are glad to already have our first review under our belt, and we are excited to see what else our clients will share.

Verified and credible reviews such as these allows us to gauge how we are doing for our clients, and we will continue to use this as a source of improvement.

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In addition to our presence on Clutch, we are featured on their sister-site, The Manifest, as one of the top social media agencies in Seattle.

The Manifest aims to help small and midsize firms by providing industry insights and how-to guides to address any number of business challenges.

We were featured for the quality of our work and the affordability of our services, designating us as a great value. And to further boost our online presence, we created a profile on Visual Objects.

Visual Objects is a platform for firms to comparatively shop for for digital marketing agencies and other service providers, helping them find the best fit for their project.

Our presence on three different industry resources, and a top firm on two of them, greatly expands our digital presence, and we are grateful for it.

We are excited to see what our newly expanded presence will do for us, and we appreciate everyone who helped us secure it.

We cannot wait to continue helping you shine online.

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