How to Remove Ripoff Report from Google Search Results?

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There are many sites which allow the anonymous posting of complaints about businesses and individuals, but nothing impacts the online reputation as much as that one post on Ripoff Report can do.

With time, every business has understood how powerful these posts are in running the online image and have also discovered that removing Ripoff Report’s posts is not a cake walk.


how to remove ripoff report from google search results


It seems forever when trying to deal with these reports and all the attempts make its ranking even stronger. If you have been dealing with this problem, you know what it entails.

As a complaint removal website, we know how daunting it is to find the posts reappearing in the searches even after a lot of efforts.

Our clients who have tried different methods to suppress these reports feel small in front of the massive popularity of Ripoff Report’s website.

It is a no-brainer to understand that Ripoff Report, although announcing itself just as a mediator, does everything to keep the posts flashing on the first page of Google search.

Do you consider that the reports will have a negative reputation building of your business? If you are still taking this lightly and feel that your loyal customer base would identify the lies in the report, let us make this very clear: No one needs evidence to announce you a scammer.

There have been cases where people start keeping themselves out from their product or service promotion in a fear that their negative results will affect the popularity. Making delays will only make your reputation suffer more.

A Peek into Ripoff Report’s Purpose

Ripoff Report was founded in 1988 by Ed Magedson who himself is a consumer lawyer. Since its inception, Ripoff Report has gained huge popularity.


Ed Magedson – The founder of Ripoff Report


It has become the famous platform for warning people about the fraudsters and scammers.

Either a business or an individual, anyone with a dark history can be reported on this website.

Ripoff Report asks for the Name, Email, and address of the reporter which the site uses to verify the reporter’s information. The platform also offers services for advocacy and media support after the complaint is posted on Ripoff Report.

They do allow anonymous posting as well which is not supervised and can be made without submitting any proof of the incident. There are many cases when a fake report was submitted, and nothing was done to remove the Ripoff Report.

As per the policy, the one submitting the report is also not authorized to delete the report not even edit Ripoff Report. All he can do is, update the post by adding additional information at the end of the column only if the email and password provided is correct.

The company stresses on being a platform open to its consumers so that the truth is known. However, its insufficiency in verifying the legitimacy of posts make this statement rather bullish. But, can you ignore a site claiming to have 100 million visitors annually?

“Ed Magedson does not take the responsibility neither does his website Ripoff Report”

Being a man behind Ripoff Report, Ed Magedson does not need much of an introduction. He has quoted this a lot of times that the reviews posted on the Ripoff Report are not the responsibility of the website.

The website disclaimer has it clearly mentioned that the posters are responsible for checking the accuracy and legitimacy of the report. Once submitted, there is nothing much anyone can do to take the report down.

Ripoff Report adds that they do not take sides and are not in a position to access the truthfulness of every report posted on their website.

Why has Ripoff Report not been charged?

This question has always bothered our clients.

Can we not sue the company itself for charges against defamation? What if we make a complaint against Ripoff Report unitedly? We always encounter such questions as it seems the easiest way out.

However, it is not as simple as it seems.

Companies like Ripoff Report are immune to these charges and any allegation against them would only make them stand out stronger.

The section 230 of the communications decency act frees these websites from the liabilities of posts published on their websites.



In addition to the immunization, they are not subjugated to remove any post written by a third party on their website. So, you cannot even compel Ripoff Report to remove the posts made on their website by any individual.

The law surely has created a void and has given Ripoff Report to continue its operation even after so many defamation allegations against them.

There are many websites that give a consumer an open platform to talk about their experiences. Those can be the good ones or the bad ones.

But, the name of Ripoff Report itself suggests that it would explicitly like to talk about the bad reviews.

Although the website encourages to mention the true instances, there is no effort taken in reviewing the legitimacy of these posts.

People can post anonymously, and it becomes a real pain in finding the name of the reporter because of their privacy protection.

In a nutshell, Ripoff Report is not obliged to remove Ripoff Report’s posts and even the court of law cannot charge them for the defamation charges made on your reputation through their website.

What can you do to Remove Ripoff Report Links?

If you have gone through the website of Ripoff Report, you must know that they do not remove the reviews posted on their website, completely.

Even if you request the author to take down the review, they won’t be able to do so. Hence, the ball is in the court of Ripoff Report team.

To fight the disputed reports, Ripoff Reports does provide few options. Few are free, and others come with charges.

Here is the list of actions that can be taken on a disputed review or post:

Take help of Rebuttals

The posts have a comment section at the bottom. If you want to question the legitimacy of the review, you can add the rebuttal to the post.

The third party who may feel violated by the post can also add these rebuttals.

Even people in your support can come forward and make their standings. But, is this cold war going to benefit you at all?

Needless to say, these rebuttals have close to no effect in resolving the disputes.

Regardless of the rationality or lucidity of the rebuttals, they fail to make any difference in resolving the problem. On the contrary, it complicates your problem even more.

Have you heard about active promotion? Something that is updated consistently, has higher chances of showing up in google results.

Updating of the posts made by the author against you, makes its appearance stronger on search engines, giving more opportunity to the author to reach masses.

You are actually doing a favor on the author by increasing the popularity of the page. The link that would have been sitting on the fifth rank, would now be standing as the first rank.

If you have the guts to take that battle on, you must nurture the strength in you to pay for it too.

Author’s Update

When an author posts the review, he gets the credentials of his account with Ripoff Report to further update the report with the latest information.

He can either add updates to files to make his case stronger or the matter is resolved, he can update that information too.

To utilize this service, the author must use the correct email address and password.

Ripoff Report uses the email address and the password to verify if the same person is updating the page.

In case the post was made anonymously, you lose this chance too.

The author will have no credentials to log back in and update the post with positive reviews.

Isn’t it tricky a lot? First, you encourage the users to post anonymously and take away all the authority of the post.

Who is benefited by this? To put this in simple words, Ripoff Report closes one of the free options for getting the clean chit from the website.

Customer Advocacy Program by Ripoff Report

As the name suggests, by opting for CAP, you allow Ripoff Report to investigate the issue and post their standard editorial statement which they call as their finding, above the original complaint.

The complaint would not be deleted. If the author would be verified, they would try to shut the same by saying the issue was resolved with the customer.

And, if the author would be anonymous, they would bluntly say that the post was not verified and was a bad advertising tactic to ruin the name of the business in context.

This service is chargeable, however, there is not much mentioned about the fee on the website of Ripoff Report.

As the price is determined based on the case vulnerability, it can cost from a hundred to thousands of dollars. Now the question is, how effective this option is?

Some may get relief with this program, but many consider this as extortion.

Keeping the complaint still listed at the end of the post is bothering and do not hide the fact that they were once called a scammer.

Anyway, having their name on Ripoff Report has its consequences too even if your business is backed by the Corporate Advocacy Program.

If you would try to search for business under this program, you will see that the post was edited and there were disclaimer claiming that the former report was fake.

However, the comment section allows people to still target the company.

What if you are accused of manipulating the review by your monetary power? There are instances of this sort as well.

Ripoff Report’s VIP Arbitration

Apart from the Corporate Advocacy Program, Ripoff Report also offers VIP Arbitration program.

You will be charged $2000 and the company will hire investigators without giving a guarantee for the desired result.

The last say would be of the company, Ripoff Report to decide whether the Ripoff Report would be redacted or not.

The matter of fact is that the investigation would put you behind the palisade and you would be responsible to unite evidence to prove yourself guilty.


Ed Magedson Quote


The one who posted the report against you would not have to face any consequences, even when the report is fake.

For instance, you verified your truthfulness with evidence and the report was redacted, but what if another report was posted against you? Aren’t you going to be on the same ship? This option may seem cheap, but you will never be assured of the results for removing Ripoff Report.

None of the services offered by Ripoff Report guarantee any solution and keep you midway in reaching to the justice.

The complaint is never deleted completely, and you pay for a service that becomes null if a similar post is made afterward.

Take the Author to the Court

Whenever we talk about challenges with our customers fighting the online defamation on sites like Ripoff Report, they often ask about the option to sue the author of the post on Ripoff Report.

It is possible. In most of the cases, you may have the upper hand and you will also win the case. But, what difference would that winning will make?

Ripoff Report does not allow the author of the report to remove the reviews once posted. So, even if the court makes the hearing in your favor, in no way, the author would ever be able to remove the Ripoff Report.

To make things worse, you cannot obligate Ripoff Report to remove the post even if you get a green signal from the court of law.

Where does that put us? You spent your money on lawyers and court hearings and got nothing in return, that too after winning the case.

The entire structure is designed in such a way that Ripoff Report gets a side way when it comes to accusations.

Ripoff Report has nowhere mentioned that it would ever utilize the right to free speech for its profit. But, is it not true that the platform is making money through the reviews posted.

Sue Ripoff Report Team

This is not even an option. As stated above, Ripoff Report is immune to these allegations and charges as per the Communications Decency Act.

As a complaint removing company, we would never advise our clients to go for this option.

No advocate would take this case on mere contingency fee. It would cost you thousands of dollars.

Ripoff Report has fought these cases several times and never in its history, has been charged for doing anything wrong.

The case was not able to put pressure on the company for removing Ripoff Report.

Ripoff Report would even try their best to surge the complexity of the case making it even more expensive and unreasonable to fight.

They have few best advocates up their sleeves and you would never be able to match up to that level.

Even if find a great lawyer, the law has itself provided the immunity to all the allegations.

So, why to pay the huge amount to the lawyer when you already know the verdict.

Being the least useful option, no reputation management company will ever suggest you go that far.

Google De-Indexing

In this case, you can be making your best efforts by obtaining the court orders which should specify that the contents were defamatory and fake.

These orders when produced by the Google, can help you get rid of the URLs making you look ugly online. Google will de-index these URLs from search engines.

Although the review will still surface on the Ripoff Report, it would not appear in the google search.

What if the reports are true? Did you consider that angle while thinking about this option? Being true to yourself can save you from losing money on these court cases.

if you are not able to provide with the required proofs, your verdict would be given in the opponent’s favor. He can further charge you for a fake case. N number of things can happen here.

If you have the evidence and you get the order from the court and everything went smoothly thereafter, can you be saved forever? What if another report surfaces? Even Ripoff Report would not like to see its link getting delisted.

Do you think Ripoff Report would let this practice hamper their business? Ripoff Report is a profit-centered enterprise and it would make all the attempts to get back those URLs in the google search.

Calling themselves the promoters of free speech, this website has endorsed various defamatory content which could have put them among the list of felons if the communications decency act was not playing in favor of them.

As the website popularity surges, more consumers depend on it for posting their complaints.

This is short, increases their profit by accepting CAP and VIP arbitration fee.

So, don’t you think that they would like to be a step ahead every time?

Google uses the URLs as a unique identifier for every website. So, when you want the Google to remove the page from its search engine, it will simply take down the URL.

This can fairly be cheated by changing few characters from the de-indexed URLs. As simple as it sounds. Hence, by making these changes, Ripoff Report brings the de-indexed URLs back to the search engine results.

Suppressing the Ripoff Report Complaints

This is where come into the picture. We have clients who have tried all the options listed above and ended up spending thousands of dollars with no satisfactory results.

This strategy works just fair in burring the report to any pages down which is as good as removing the Ripoff Report Review.

If your name is same as some famous personality, it would be very easy to bury the reports for good.

However, if your name is unique and there are not many relevant results with your name on Google, it would still be easy.

Those with already enjoying tons of positive report online will not have to stand for the judgement. Ripoff Report post will have close to no affect if the positive reviews about your business are in plenty.

What if you already have many negative reviews on the internet and there is nothing positive posted about you, it would be a bit difficult to hide the negative reports, but it is possible too.

SEO and other tools can get you a relief, but you will have to keep a watch on these reports and repeat these steps if the Ripoff Report posts follow you again.

To get the reputation back, we will be creating countless positive websites, media and articles about you, if you have a really bad reputation. But, this will work for sure.

SEO and other tools are helpful in curbing the effect of the negative post to almost null.

Many of our clients have found it the easiest way to all their problems.

It not only makes them look better on the internet but also increases their popularity among their customers.

A lot will depend on the number of times your business is searched on the internet. But, you will find the negative links gone gradually.

How to Bury or Push Down Ripoff Report?

Businesses always have been beguiled by the option of guaranteed Ripoff Removal options, but very rarely does this tactic works for websites like Ripoff Report. Removal of Ripoff Report is not only tough but impossible.

However, suppression does the same work. Have you ever tried to check the third page of google search? We do not even bother to open the second one.

So, if a page is pushed down to many pages, it becomes equally as good as removing the content completely from google search results.

Businesses are mostly affected by these negative contents and are ready to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to find those bad reviews gone forever.

But, little did we know, not every tactic work in that favor. There are many companies that claim to provide genuine results and they would, but what if the problems come back. This one challenge has always made suppression a tricky process.

Here are the tricks that we use to maintain the online reputation positive and pushing the negative reviews down for good

By doing so, we try to make ourselves available to our customers directly. What we do not know is that these profiles are essential in maintaining a positive reputation as well.

Hence, instead of limiting your profile to few sources, we try to widen your brand figure by accessing other platforms as well. We create outstanding public profiles on 100’s of websites but not limited to Quora, Pinterest, Reddit etc.

We make sure that the privacy settings are maintained with caution and no one gets a chance to ruin your brand through these profiles

The stronger your network will be if you start connecting these profiles together. Hence, we establish the connection between these profiles to give you high exposure

We maintain a goal while participating in the forums, blogs, and other social media platforms to spell correctly and share the positive side of the thoughts. You would be surprised to see what your brand and business are capable to accomplish

If the negative content is listed in a link referring to ‘Business Review 2015’, we would duplicate the keyword for positive reviews under the link ‘Business Review 2014’. Individuals searching for Business Review would land on the positive review page.

This can be done for n number of pages. We, as a reputation management company, focus on this technique if there are many negative links on your name.

Why is it challenging to compete Ripoff Report on Google Search?

Apart from the immunity from the law, Ripoff Report has many advantages when it comes to showing up in the higher results of google search.

The Conclusion

Ripoff Report is one of the oldest complaint sites and enjoys a lot of popularity among the search engines. Any report posted on this platform usually appears in the top three results of Google.

And, being a victim of this website is a clear indication that you are going to face a lot of trouble going forward.

We as a reputation management company has dealt with many such cases and have provided the solution to all our clients.

It is also true that these processes may be required to repeat at certain intervals for some profiles.

But, it is still a Win-Win deal.

You can expect this solution to be highly effective and cheaper than any other options listed above.


  1. Dan

    It remains a huge problem since the digitization occurred. Online reputation is a big concern these days and companies are ready to pay millions for correcting their image online. There are websites similar to Ripoff Report that manipulates the right to speech in sorting their personal gains.

    These firms mostly earn by featuring complaints against big names and then multiplying through the removing these contents from their website. I personally believe that reputation control should not be in hands of the companies that are responsible for ruining it in the first place.

    1. Martin Horan

      Hello Dan.

      Let us know if you need any help with Ripoff Report Removal from the google search results.

      Thank you

  2. Lovely Catline

    Really a strong article. However as per my knowledge they do not honor court order.

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